Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hey Michael

This is my second attempt at publishing this Michael Jackson remix. For some strange and mysterious reason, the post I published last Wednesday has completely disappeared from my Blogger dashboard. Does Google have something against the King of Pop?

It made me very sad and perplexed to see that my Michael Jackson mix had disappeared. I Googled the phrase "blogger post mysteriously disappears" and got a couple of vague incidences, but nothing concrete.

Also, on another issue, I just realized that my pre-scheduled drafts aren't posting on the dates I set them for. Bizarre. If anybody has information on these phenomena, email me - thanks.

Here we go again -->

Mini-mix of Michael Jackson versus Octet versus Husky Rescue versus Linus Loves

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Ben Esch said...

My dad met that dude on an airplane once. Supposedly he's cool as shit.

The brothers Esch