Monday, December 08, 2008

Hummingbirds anyone?

Let's take a little departure from the usual electronic beats and blips you typically hear in Haizeeland and sample a bit of sweet Swedish folk-pop, courtesy of Theresa Andersson. I was on Aurgasm this morning and ran across this delightful little dose of sunshine. Theresa's voice fills me with a thousand little rainbow explosions and makes me nostaglic for days of yore. I'm not exactly sure what 'yore' is, but it's old school for sure.

The xylophone sounds in this song are magic.

Theresa Andersson - The Waltz

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Lauren Busch Singer said...

If you like Theresa Andersson, check out her rendition of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" on FUNKY KIDZ, a musical compilation featuring 12 of New Orleans' finest doing covers of classic kids songs we all know and love. Theresa plays every instrument on the track (except upright bass) and offers listeners a whimsical journey through oz. Perfect for the kid in all of us. WWW.FUNKYKIDZMUSIC.COM

Barry Hercules said...

Thanks for posting "The Waltz" - beautiful song! I just read on her myspace page that the xylophone was actually soda pop bottles filled with different amount of water for pitch. how cool is that! But then i watched the "Birds Fly Away" video - incredible, a must watch: Click here to view