Saturday, January 24, 2009

What do The Department of Eagles, Ryan Gosling and Macaroni & Cheese Have in Common?

They were all present at the Department of Eagles concert at the Troubadour in West Hollywood on Friday night.

My friend who always manages to get free tickets to shows came through once again.
We rolled in past the mile-long line for the show and walked into the dilapidated wild-west saloon that is the Troubadour.

The Troubadour is one of my favorite places to see shows in LA. It's smallish and intimate, but with a banging sound system.

Somehow we managed to be seated right next to Daniel Rossen's Mom and Ryan Gosling. You KNOW you got a choice seat when you're next to the lead singer's Momma. She was beaming throughout the night, watching her baby boy entertain a rapt audience of adoring fans.

The show was stellar, DOE performed most of their "In Ear Park" with a few new tunes thrown in. Daniel started the show solo onstage, plucking a banjo.
My favorite songs, however, were the ones that included the full band. The combination of strange tempos, rich guitar riffs and synthesizer accents, coupled with Rossen's falsetto, was pretty awesome.

The sophistication and maturity of the band's sound is so impressive, considering this was just suppossed to be a one-off side project to Grizzly Bear.

One of the best things about this concert, besides the brilliant music of course, was the savory scent of macaroni and cheese that gently wafted throughout the air the entire night. It took me a while realize why my mouth kept watering. Sadly, I didn't buy any, nor did I actually confirm that it was really mac and cheese, but it sure smelled like it so that's what I'd like to believe it was.

My favorite songs from the evening were:

No One Does It Like You

Around the Bay (
thanks to egoeccentric for the tune)

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