Monday, February 09, 2009

Goodbye Horses

What ever happened to Q Lazzarus? And who were they in the first place?

I assumed Q Lazzarus was a band, but apparently it's one lone songstress. I found this excerpt on Wikipedia:

"Q Lazzarus is known for having a husky bass voice not unlike Kathleen Turner. Before she was discovered as a singer, she worked as a taxi driver in New York City. The band dissolved at some point before 1996. Apart from Q, Mark Barrett and songwriter William Garvey, nothing is publicly known about the other band members."

Spooky. I wonder if Q resumed her taxi driving or found success elsewhere, perhaps as a ranch-hand. Anyhow, we can only ponder these strange thoughts and thank our lucky stars that we have "Goodbye Horses".

Goodbye Horses Mixtape
Goodbye Horses - Q Lazzarus
This Plane is Going to Fall - Minotaur Shock
Professional Suicide - Ladyhawke [BUY MP3]
Detroit - Morgan Geist
Promise - Badly Drawn Boy [BUY MP3]
Touch Too Much (Fake Blood Mix) - Hot Chip
The Bucket (CSS Mix) - Kings of Leon
Kenya Dig It? - Ruby Suns


Amau said...

Toujours énorme les remix de CSS !!

Love 10 to 1 said...

Haizee, you've been holding out on me. Q Lazarus - What a great find. I love this song. Is Mark related to Syd Barrett?