Friday, June 12, 2009

Telepathe + Gold Panda

“Busy and I are ‘hookers’. That’s what Dave Sitek calls us, in that we are totally into making music with sick hooks. We got bored with making drone music and now we are obsessed with making the catchiest fucking music ever.”

, aka Busy Gangnes and Melissa Livaudais of Williamsburg Brooklyn, are living up to their promise. The first single "Chrome's on It" off their debut album, Dance Mother, will overwhelm your senses and linger in your head for hours afterward. The album is produced by TV on the Radio's Dave Sitek, which I found a bit surprising, considering the fact that I consider TV on the Radio songs to be some of the most forgettable music ever. Touché.

"Chrome's on It" has been remixed by UK - based Gold Panda, and his mix kicks up the notch several thousand times. Ephemeral, angst-ridden and completely drenched in synth, the Gold Panda version has officially become my song of the week.

Gold Panda, by the way, is something not-to-missed. He is quite an elusive fellow, Apart from a cryptic Twitter profile description which states that he is a "Tea drinker, Music maker, Depression sufferer, Erection getter, Self loather, Panda", there's not much information about him. But you can visit his myspace and website, wherein there are several lovely tracks to check out.

listen/right-click to download:
Telepathe - Chrome's on It (Gold Panda Mix) [thx Pinglewood]

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