Thursday, August 27, 2009

Little Dragon

Little Dragon have quietly come along and become one of the most outstanding bands on the planet.

Based in Gotheburg, Sweden, the band is comprised of front woman, Yukimi Nagano (also known for her work with Koop), Erik Bodin on drums, Fredrik Källgren Wallin on bass, and Håkan Wirenstrand on keyboards.

Their first release, "Little Dragon", is somber and reflective, with melancholic songs like "Twice" (see the video above) and "Constant Surprises".

Their latest, "Machine Dreams", is different. It's happy and almost whimsical. The shift in tone is dramatic, yet consistently brilliant. "The Step" will make you pop-lock and daydream of "Beat Street" style break dancers of the late 80s. "Looking Glass" is a romp through the 80s, and reminds me of New Order, topped with a little Cyndie Lauper.

listen / download:

Little Dragon - The Step [thx audiodrums] -- buy this song @ Amazon
Little Dragon - Looking Glass [thx punkreas]

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