Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Hey Champ

I had the great pleasure of seeing Hey Champ live at Dragonfly in Los Angeles last night.

I've mostly thought of Hey Champ as remixers / producers, so the opportunity to see them throw down as a band was awesome.

Hailing from Chicago, IL, they have a Journey meets Foreigner meets Zoot Woman feeling to their music. The drummer, Jon Marks, is extraordinary, and front man Saan Hagshenas has an elegant grungy appeal, and it a talented guitarist. The synth and keys are Hey Champ's calling card, expertly done by Pete Dougherty.

My official review of the show is that this band rocks. Go see them.

You will find more free awesome downloads at their website, Hey Champ.com

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Anonymous said...

Nice. Any new material at the show? Do you have a show review? Looking forward to seeing these guys at UW.