Sunday, January 24, 2010

Stephen Falken - Cruising

Stephen Falken is a French producer within the Valerie collective, a group of musicians and producers based in the Nantes of Western France.

The name "Stephen Falken" might sound familiar to all that grew up in the 80s and watched the Mathew Broderick film "War Games" every summer afternoon in 1983. In the film, Falken is the creator of "Falken's Maze", one of the games Broderick hacks into before accidentally triggering global thermonuclear war. Luckily, Broderick stops the nuclear apocalpyse with the help of Ally Sheedy and Falken.

The French Stephen Falken was obviously very affected by the 80s, and creates music that perfectly fits the nerdy, teenage computer geek, overly-conditioned-hair feeling of the decade.

listen / right-click to download:
Stephen Falken - Cruising

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